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About Standing in the Gap

Standing in the Gap helps those involved in sex trafficking, prostitution, and drug addiction. Reminding those who have lost all hope no matter what the situation, that their lives are worth being loved. SITG offers hope, strength and encouragement while giving them a way out of despair. Being a vibrant light of God’s love, SITG reminds those they minister to that God is always with them and this is not the life that He planned for them. When they are ready, all they have to do is reach out and we are there. Every day is another chance to rewrite their story. SITG assists them to transition into rehab with help to maintain a healthy, productive, and sober life. We plan to offer ministry, rescue services, job training, GED services, life skills and eventually employment. We want to help them get a fresh start and new beginning. 


Sex Trafficking

Drug Addiction


Meet Our Team

Executive Board of Directors

Andrea Cottom Anderson
Melchizedek Anderson
Millie Terlizzi
Rosanne Fairley
Sirena Ours

Advisory Board

Victoria Lee
Reverend Kevin Lee
Pastor Marc Dejeu
Elyse Jones
Michaela Cook
Matt Nance
Denise Donnelly
Lisa Gabauer
Tanya Foskey
Father Kim Schreck (ex officio)
Micah Anderson
Jessica Powers

Street Outreach
Team Members

Team One
Andrea Cottom Anderson
Sirena Ours
Victoria Lee
Michaela Cook
Jessica Powers

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